altThe growing importance of mobile high-bandwidth services, i.e. being connected anytime and anywhere, video communication, as well as media-driven entertainment have stimulated and will continue to stimulate significant investments in wireless telecommunications infrastructures throughout developed countries.

At the same time, in developing and emerging markets, millions of mobile subscribers are registered every day and drive basic mobile infrastructure investments as well as the sales of multimedia devices. The extreme market dynamics result in widely diverse customer requirements, ranging from global forwarding and logistics solutions for the production and distribution of premium fast-moving consumer goods to complex transport projects for the construction of large-scale mobile communications infrastructures.

Different industry segments may require different solutions. For that reason, we differentiate between:

    •    IT/Telephone accessories manufacturers

    •    Network infrastructure equipment manufacturers

    •    Operators

While there are common needs across these segments, each has their own requirements and we have solutions and products to meet these needs.

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