Narita Logistic and Services is devoted to supporting the economic growth of Cambodia by maintaining its high level of quality services, particularly in the new and emerging industries. Our supply chain is a key to our client's success. We can help you deliver to your customers with our seamless supply chain.

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Narita takes pride to deliver value adding solution according to the needs of the industries. This drives us to best understand the needs of our customers and the locations they work in, whether it’s the needs of the suppliers or the needs of the end consumer - We have the tools: transport logistics, moving and services.

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altSince 2001, We have secured the logistics of numerous film productions in the country. This vertical focus on the cinema industries makes Narita one of the most used film logistic company in the country. We work with the Cambodian Film Commission and the Cinema Department of the Ministry of Culture.

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altThe success of the retail and fashion industry is largely based on the capacity to deliver on time. Narita employs its local expertise and global platform to carefully measure the solutions that best suit your business needs so that your products can reach the consumer securely and on time. This is backed by our seamless inbound and outbound supply chain.

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altThe growing importance of mobile high-bandwidth services, i.e. being connected anytime and anywhere, video communication, as well as media-driven entertainment have stimulated and will continue to stimulate significant investments in wireless telecommunications infrastructures throughout developed countries.

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altThe complexity, IT reliance, and globalization of the luxury and retail industry are increasing constantly. Cambodia is also part of this growing trend, with an flux of new luxury products.

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