altStorage is, of course, a critical component in any Supply Chain Management solution. Warehouses provide the collection, consolidation and clearing points within the supply chain which allow it to function efficiently. Narita Logistics and Services provides its own warehousing solution with over 4000 square meters of storage space.



altFlexible for individual requirements: warehousing must also be flexible in size and easy to equip, allowing us to accommodate individual requirements such as temperature-controlled storage or special goods systems. 

The set-up you need: we will select sites with the set-up you need, sites located within easy access of both your facilities and established transport routes. That way we can meet the short cycle times demanded by you.

Our main office is based in Phnom Penh, the capital city - and we have a number of storage locations, in the key locations (Port, Peri-Urban, Capital), to ensure secure storage of your goods.

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